Thursday, November 5, 2009

About Quartz Infrared Heaters

Turn that thermostat down and let the heater keep you cozy while saving money.

This page will tell you how a Quartz Infrared Heater can benefit you.

There are many different types of heaters, but which one is the best?
Quartz Infrared heaters are among the most efficient heating units,
and they also have other advantages.
Most heaters work by warming only the air in the room.
People in the room are warmed only by the air.
This not only wastes energy on warming up only the air,
but also you don't feel the benefits of the heater as soon as it is
switched on. It might take several minutes for a room to warm up.

Quartz Infrared heaters work differently.

They don't heat up just the air, it heats objects in the room.
As a result people in the area are warmed directlyby the heater.
This principle makes Quartz Infrared Heaters very energy efficient.
You don't have to turn the heater on half an hour or hour in advance
to pre-heat the room, you feel the warmth immediately.
Why is it that a Quartz Infrared Heating source uses less energy
to create heat than other sources?

One of the primary reasons is that heat at combustion levels,
which is what all other heat
sources use, causes the heat to instantly rise to the ceiling.
Therefore, the heat is not evenly distributed, causing a very
inefficient and uncomfortable heat source.
Quartz infrared portable heaters do not use burning heat.
Once the heat exchanger absorbs the infrared heat, it exhales
the heat into the living area which is carried by the existing humidity
in the air. This causes the heat to travel rapidly and evenly throughout
a room eliminating cold spots in a room.
The Quartz Infrared efficiency is based on the distribution
of energized air,not on just fan movement.
This heat is coined as "soft heat" due to how comfortable it is.

Infrared Heat is Therapeutic - Quartz infrared heaters produce
healthy infrared heat waves which promote improved cardiovascular
circulation and all the other health benefits associated with
infrared saunas and other infrared appliances.

Infrared Heaters Promote Healthier, Cleaner Air.
Infrared Heaters destroy bacteria, virus, mold,mildew and
other organic organisms that cause respiratory distress, colds and flu's.
They are the perfect heating source for your home.
Infrared Heaters Eliminate Contamination that existing forced air
heating systems, wood stoves, or kerosene space heaters cannot eliminate.

Infrared Heaters Reduce Energy Consumption by 35% to 50%.

Infrared Heaters are Designed to Last 15 - 20 Years or more!

What is Zone Heating?
Zone heating is all about focusing heat where people spend the most time.
After all, there is no point to heating multiple rooms to 68+ degrees
when these rooms are not in use.

Can I use the heater to heat multiple rooms at the same time?
Yes, Keep in mind the heating will vary based on your floor plan
and the sizes of the rooms involved.
The use of ceiling fans can help to heat multiple rooms simultaneously
by placing the unit in a central room.
Our suggestion, give it a try and see what works best for you.

Is the heating system SAFE?
It has no flame or fumes.
The Quartz Infrared tubes are similar to the bulbs in a (Quartz Light)
which is a sealed glass and ceramic tube.
The outside of the unit does not get (HOT) so Children and Pets can safely be around it.
The unit can safely be put next to furniture and curtains.

Another advantage is the Quartz Infrared Heater doesn't make the air in the room dry.
The principle of how it works is very similar to the way sun warms us on a bright day.
More tips for efficient heating.
Using an additional quartz infrared heater can save you a great deal
on your energy bill. But there is more you can do.
First, check for drafts and boost the insulation.
At the beginning of winter, make sure that window caulking
and storm windows are in good shape.
You should check thermostats and also think about a
programable thermostat for your central heating.

A Quartz Infrared heater can be a great addition to your house
heating system,it is efficient and produces heat immediately.

Quartz Infrareds are a bit more expensive than ordinary heaters,
but they are definitely more energy efficient, so you will save in the long run.

Turn that thermostat down and let the heater keep you cozy while saving money.